Israeli Runner With Dreams Of His Brother

The loss of his brother turned one man into a marathoning machine.

The Israel Half Marathon championships are this Friday. Taking part in the race is Avichai Goodman. Eight years ago, Avichai lost his younger brother, Yetanel, in a freak accident. After that tragic event, Avichai’s life was changed forever.

“I understood that life is too short and that it is impossible to know when it will all end,” he recalls. He then decided he wanted to do two key things in his life: skydiving and marathoning.

Upon finishing up his mandatory military service, Avichai went to South America for a hiking trip. While there, he completed the skydiving objective. He then returned to Israel and decided to give his second goal a shot.

“At first, I just wanted to finish the race,” Goodman said about his experience at the 2005 Berlin Marathon. “Then I was focused on improving my time and finishing in less than three hours. I ran 32 kilometers at a moderate pace. When I reached the last 10 kilometers, I suddenly unleashed a burst of energy. I ran past hundreds of other runners and I reached the finish line at 2:36. I thought about my little brother the entire time. When I finished, I was in a state of euphoria, and my dream came true in the most incredible way possible. From that moment in Berlin onward, I fell in love with running.”

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