Man Quits Smoking, Returns To Running

Smoke-free, Curt Karolus returns to the roads. Photo: SC Times

He was once a two-pack-a-day smoker and 40 pounds overweight.

Curt Karolus was once a star runner at his high school in Minnesota. This was 23 years ago. Since that time, life got in the way for Karolus. He  got married, put on pounds, and began to take up smoking.

“The first thing you let go is yourself … you kind of look in the mirror and go, ‘What the hell happened?’ ” recalls Karolus’ wife, Stacy.

Curt joined a band and began hanging out in bars. “It was so natural, just to hold onto a cigarette,” he says. For fourteen more years Karolus’ smoking habit got worse. He began smoking nearly two packs a day. He then began packing on weight, adding 43 pounds to his frame. “He seemed irritable, just kind of no motivation. Just kind of a lack of drive, lack of interest in things,” his wife remembers.

After seeing his father’s health deteriorate, Curt became motivated to turn his life around.

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