Middle School Teacher Wins Marathon Contest

The Reno-area school teacher made a deal with her students.

Jenny Hoy, a middle school English teacher from Vaughn Middle School in Reno, Nevada was recently awarded first-prize in a contest sponsored by the Reno Gazette Journal. The  contest, an essay, was for first-time marathoners. The prize awarded to Ms. Hoy will be a free entry into the Rock-N-River Marathon on May 1st.

In her essay, Hoy talked about a deal she made with her students.¬†“Over the course of this semester, my students have complained that I require lots of reading…I offered to read the same amount of time that I ask of them, but they thought that I already did it and it wouldn’t be the same sacrifice…So we thought about it and they asked what in my life is difficult and what I might consider to be in need of improvement. ‘That’s easy,’ I replied, ‘I’m out of shape!’ So, the deal became they would read an hour each day and I would engage in some form of exercise an hour each day.”

Each week, Hoy will blog her progress. If her students find any grammatical errors in her posts, they get extra credit.

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