New Executive Director Fixing Boston Registration

Many runners who had worked hard to quality for Boston were unable to enter the 2011 race.

The new executive director of the Boston Marathon has vowed to focus on fixing the registration issue that plagued the marathon in its 2011 edition. Upon taking over the stewardship of one of the world’s oldest marathons, Tom Grilk has made this issue his number-one priority.

When runners attempted to register for the 2011 race earlier this fall, the marathon sold out in just eight hours. According to an article in Mass. Market, “Many would-be registrants reported technical issues with the BAA’s [Boston Athletic Association’s] site when they tried to register. The runners who didn’t have the luxury of logging in from work were simply out of luck.”

The BAA issued a press release last Friday and confirmed that Grilk’s first priority will be ensuring this type of problem does not occur again. Grilk is a lawyer and will receive assistance from outgoing executive director Guy Morse as well as race director Dave McGillivray.

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