One CIM Not Enough For Some

Three runners did it twice to raise money for an elementary school.

For most racers, just running one marathon seems like a lot of work, but for others it’s just halfway. At 1 am the night before this year’s California International Marathon (CIM), a group of runners met at the finish line of the race and began running the course backwards. They then turned around and raced the marathon early that next morning.

“We’re crazy about it, we’re crazy about running,” said one of the runners, Ed Ballisty. Ballisty was joined by two other ultra enthusiasts, Jason Harper and Ray Sanchez. The three of them are part of the “Be Change” charity. Two years ago, Harper ran 100 miles in searing heat to raise money for the charity. That year, Harper’s run ended at the Oak Ridge Elementary School, which receives the proceeds that the “Be Change” group raises.

“It’s good for the mind, good for the soul,” said Harper. “To stop running is not an option.”

According the News 10 Web site, Harper estimates his “Be Change” charity raised over $60,000 for the school at this year’s CIM.

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