Runners Gird Themselves For 24-Hour Race

  • By Duncan Larkin
  • Published Dec. 30, 2010

Some like to party on New Year’s Eve; others prefer to run nonstop.

On Friday morning, brave runners in Florida will take part in the Peanut Island 24-hour race. The concept behind this inaugural ultramarathon is for runners to start at midnight on Friday and end at midnight on New Year’s day.

One runner taking part in the race is Scott D’Angelo, a firefighter from West Palm Beach, Florida. “You have to be strong enough to push through it. Whatever pain you’re feeling, it will go away eventually. Something else will start to hurt, but the initial pain will go away. If you can keep pushing through it, you’ll be fine,” he said.

Another participant in the race is a former mayor, Marc Drautz. Drautz was the mayor of Lake Worth for two years. “I like running 100 miles a lot more than being in politics,” he laughs.”Each race is an adventure that you don’t forget. Each one is absolutely different.”

Finishing near the front should be Noel Hanna of Northern Ireland. This year, Hanna became the first to complete the 7 Summits to Sea Level challenge–an event that requires participants to climb seven of the top summits in the world and then descend as rapidly as possible to sea level.

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Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin is the news editor at and a freelance journalist who’s been covering the sport of running for over five years. He’s run 2:32 in the marathon and won the Himalayan 100-Mile Stage Race in 2007. His first running book, RUN SIMPLE, was released last July.

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