Running Elvis Saves A Life In Las Vegas

It was a life-and-death situation for the Elvis-costumed running doctor.

Claudio Palma, a doctor from San Francisco, had come to Las Vegas this past weekend to take part in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. He was also there to get married, opting to dress up like Elvis and marry his fiancée, Rhanee, during the second mile of the race.

Afterward, he and his new wife were getting a bite to eat, when a woman who had also taken part in the race suddenly collapsed in the restaurant. Rhanee told her husband about the woman and he ran to her side. “My husband’s a doctor,” she told the restaurant staff.

“I said it because, you know, people think the runners dressed as Elvis might be crazy,” she recalled.

When Palma approached the injured woman, he noticed that she was bleeding from her mouth and head and had no pulse. Palma administered CPR.

It worked. When the woman came to, she saw Elvis staring back at her.

“She was giving me a weird look and telling me she was okay,” Palma said.

For more: Las Vegas Review Journal

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