Rupp And Webb Working Out In Hallways

The two Nike-sponsored runners are making the most of their workplace.

According to an article posted on Track, Galen Rupp and Alan Webb have been doing something unconventional: working out in a hallway. Apparently, the persistent Oregon rain has made things challenging for the two Nike-sponsored runners. In order to avoid the slippery track, Alberto Salazar, both Rupp’s and Webb’s coach, has brought them up to the second floor of the Mia Hamm building, where there is a long, uninterrupted corridor approximately 200 meters in length.

Apparently, Rupp is no stranger to this corridor. He’s been running through it since his high school days. He is now 11 days away from competing in the Bupa Great Edinbugh Cross Country race in Scotland.

To be exact, the famous workout corridor is 195 meters in length. Coach Salazar measures it with a wheel and marks the start and finish using small orange cones. He leaves some space for the runners to use to slow down and speed up.

As the runners reach the end of the corridor, Salazar stares at them through binoculars. He watches for Rupp to drop his arm as a signal to start his watch.

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