Astros General Manager Training For Houston Marathon

He hasn’t run a marathon since 2007.

One doesn’t usually associate marathon running with baseball. But Astros General Manager Ed Wade is every bit a runner. According to an article on, Wade has been training in the off season to run the Houston Marathon on January 30–two weeks before pitchers and catchers report to Kissimmee, Florida for the start of Spring Training.

Wade hasn’t run a marathon since the Marine Corps Marathon in 2007, which was his first.

When asked about his goal for the marathon, Wade cracked a joke. “My 55th birthday is the next day [Jan. 31] and my goal is to finish before I turn 55,” he said. “I should be alright.”

The challenges of running a baseball team have made it difficult to train for marathons, but the timing of the Houston Marathon is perfect, says Wade.

“It’s usually easier to run when I’m on the road with the club. But it’s sporadic, irregular when you’re in the midst of a two-week homestand,” he said. “It’s hard to find the time to go out to discipline yourself to find the time to do that.”

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