General Manager Of The Florida Marlins Is A Marathoner

Mike Hill at last year's ING New York City Marathon
Mike Hill at last year's ING New York City Marathon. Photo:

He has completed three marathons in his running career.

Mike Hill, the Florida Marlins’ General Manager is no stranger to success. Once a Harvard football player, the 39-year-old jack-of-all-trades has been leading the Florida baseball team for nearly four seasons. Last November, he added one more accomplishment to his impressive résumé: completing his third marathon.

At the ING New Your City Marathon, Hill crossed the finish line in 4:26:45.

He sums up the marathon experience this way: “You’re feeding off the energy. There are 44,000 people running this race with you. That’s a completely new experience. It’s something completely different from football or baseball.”

The closest thing he could compare the experience to is the Harvard-Yale game where he says 60,000 people are roaring, screaming, and yelling.

“There was music playing,” Hill recalls. “If you were dragging, there were always people giving you cheers.”

After graduating from Harvard where he was a running back, Hill was drawn to baseball. In 1993, he was selected by the Rangers in the 31st round. He is originally from Cincinnati.

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