“Gallowalking” At The Disney Marathon

A former Olympian thinks walking in the marathon is good for you.

Back in the 1970s, Olympian Jeff Galloway was known as one of America’s top competitors who pushed himself to run as fast as possible. Nowadays, he’s known for something else: walking. On a training run when he was in his thirties, Galloway came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t ever run as fast as he once did and so he decided to walk. “I started taking walk breaks on that run 32 years ago. I have not had a single running injury since,”  he says.

This weekend, Galloway will be running in the Walt Disney Marathon–a race he has completed every year since its inception.

Galloway, now a coach, has been preaching his “Gallowalking” approach at the marathon. He first started teaching it to beginning runners at Florida State University.

He says taking walking breaks in the marathon isn’t just for slower runners, however.

“I’ve heard from over 150 people who were trying to break 3 hours by running continuously but couldn’t do it. Once they shifted to run-walk-run, they all have broken 3 hours,” he asserts.

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