How To Conquer “Runner’s Knee”

A simple set of strengthening exercises and stretches might help.

According to a study of British Army recruits, anterior knee pain, otherwise known as “runner’s knee” may be prevented by strengthening and stretching. The study was conducted by the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Surrey, England. There, 1,500 Army recruits were studied during a 14-week training program.

In the study, half of the recruits were told to do eight different types of exercise during every workout. The focus was for these recruits to strengthen and stretch the knee area. Meanwhile, the other half did standard military warm-up and cool-down exercises.

The results: Of those who did the traditional exercises, nearly five percent developed knee pain. Of those who completed the new strengthening and stretching routine, only one percent developed knee pain.

“A simple set of lower limb stretching and strengthening exercises resulted in a substantial and safe reduction in the incidence of anterior knee pain in a young military population undertaking a physical conditioning program,” wrote study leader Russell Coppack.

For More: Ottawa Citizen

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