London Marathon Runners Share Their Charity Stories

Team Telegraph is raising money for the Brain and Spine Foundation. Photo: The Telegraph

They are raising money to support the Brain and Spine Foundation.

Since 1999, The Telegraph newspaper and the Brain and Spine Foundation have sponsored a team of charity runners known as “Team Telegraph” who are participating in the Virgin London Marathon. Several of these runners were recently profiled online.

One such runner is Michelle Speed from Bromley, Kent (England). She is running on Team Telegraph in honor of her brother, Alby, who passed away two years ago from a mystery virus. According to Speed, the virus made his brain swell. He was on life support for 12 months. “I am running this Marathon as a tribute to Alby’s bravery and spirit,” she said.

Another member of Team Telegraph, John Helm, 31 years old, is completing the 26.2-mile race in honor of his mother and father who both passed away from brain aneurysms. He lost his father when he was six and his mother died eight years ago.

“With the support of my wife, sisters, family and friends, I’ll be getting my trainers on and completing the marathon in loving memory of my great parents,” he said.

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