Man Wins Age Group In Borrowed Shoes

He finished the race with three shoes.

At last weekend’s Carlsbad Marathon, Andrew Minck of Brooklyn, New York started out wearing a yellow pair of shoes and finished in a white pair. This unusual situation unfolded when Minck borrowed the yellow running shoes from a friend. They were too small and by mile 18, he was in a lot of pain. Desperate, he decided to yell out to the crowd: “Does anyone have [size] 10½ or 11 shoes?”

Race volunteer Scott Heidemann responded. He kindly removed his shoes and handed them to Minck, informing him to donate them afterwards.

But there was a problem.

Minck’s computerized racing chip was still attached to his left yellow shoe and so he had to finish the race carrying the shoe with him.

Heidemann, who was manning a water station, ended up walked around in his socks.

Another human interest story from the race: half-marathon finisher Will Navaja approached his girlfriend at the end of the race with his finishing medal around his neck. It was inscribed with the following question: “Will you marry me?”

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