Remembering Steve Prefontaine

Had he survived his fateful car crash, “Pre” would have been 60 years old today.

After the recent passing of fitness icon Jack LaLanne, decided to post a remembrance of one of the running world’s most famous legends: Steve Prefontaine.

Were he alive today, Prefontaine would have been 60 years old. He was born in Coos Bay, Oregon–the son of a French-Canadian father and a German mother. As a child, he took a liking to team sports, but coaches told him he lacked the build to excel in basketball or football. One of his legs was also shorter than the other.

So he took to running.

In 8th grade, Prefontaine come to the realization that he could outrun most of the other members in his class. This epiphany led him to try his hand at cross-country running.By the time he was a senior in high school, Prefontaine had won every single meet he competed in and ended up taking first in the state meet that year.

This led him to legendary coach Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon.

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