Sammy Wanjiru Wounded In Car Crash

The great Kenyan marathoner had swerved to avoid a pothole.

According to an article posted on the Daily Nation’s Web site, Olympic gold medalist Sammy Wanjiru was injured in a car crash on Friday. Apparently, Wanjiru, who was driving a Lexus Land Cruiser, swerved into the oncoming lane to avoid a pothole. In so doing, he nearly hit a truck going the other way and lost control of his vehicle, which rolled three times. The truck involved in the accident did not stop.

“The vehicle was extensively damaged. The windscreen was completely shattered and the vehicle was dented all over,” said Johnston Ipara, a police official. When the police arrived, Wanjiru was taken to a nearby dispensary. The paramedics there wanted Wanjiru transported to Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital 20 kilometers away, but Wanjiru declined for fear of attracting unwanted media attention.

The past few months have not been good to Wanjiru. In December, he was arrested for a domestic abuse incident involving his wife. He is scheduled to appear in court in March.

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