She’s Out Running Just To Beat The Boyfriend

What started as a friendly competition has helped nurture a healthy relationship.

New York Times blogger Jen A. Miller has one goal for 2011: beat her boyfriend. When she was comparing her 2010 running log with her boyfriend’s, she noticed that he had run exactly .03 miles more than she had. “There’s no way I’m letting him accumulate more mileage than me in 2011,” she writes. To make matters worse, her boyfriend admits he’s not even a “real” runner and that he does it just to stay in shape.

“So how was it possible that he’d beaten me? ” she asks. “I was the runner in the relationship.” Competitiveness aside, Miller notes that the two of them began running together and that their long slogs forged a communication path between them. “It formed the foundation for our relationship.”

Still, Miller has a plan to beat him this year. She’s entered the ING New York City Marathon lottery and knows that gaining entry into it will force her to log a lot of mileage in order to prepare for the race. “If I’m picked, there’s no way he can make up those 26.2 race miles that I’ll be running without him,” she writes.

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