The idea that became a movement

Did I have any idea when I first posted the concept of moving for 30 minutes every day for 100 days that it would take off like a wild fire? Nope. Not even close. I was hoping to get a couple of hundred people who would – to be honest – help ME stay on track to get back into the habit of exercising every day. As I write this, we are closing in on 10,000 people world-wide who have signed up on my Facebook fan page.

Nearly 10,000 people. That’s a LOT of folks who want to get help, or give help, and commit to doing some kind of intentional activity for 30 minutes a day for 100 days. We’ve got people on every continent except Antarctica and we’re working on THAT. We’ve got folks running, and walking, and cycling. You’d expect that. But we’ve also got folks doing all manner of electronic activities. Many of which I’ve never heard of.

I think what this little social experiment has proven is that we are all looking for support and accountability. It’s fine to say you’re going to do something to your spouse or a few good friends. It’s quite another thing to tell 10,000 people EVEN IF you know you’ll never actually SEE those people. Amazing.

And I’ve found that it’s been true for me. There have already been days when I’ve thought – I’ll just skip today – because I’m busy, or tired, or just don’t feel like getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes. But, I’ve put on the shorts and shoes and done it. Why? Because I know if I don’t, people will wonder why.

It’s not too late to start. Most folks started on January 1, but there’s nothing magic about that day. Jump on in. You’ll be surprised, like I was, at how much fun this is.

Waddle on,


John “the Penguin” Bingham, Competitor Magazine columnist
Author, The Courage to Start, No Need for Speed, Marathoning for Mortals and Running for Mortals.

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