Words Of Advice From A Former Olympian

New Zealand’s former marathon champion says, “Do what you love.”

When she was 14, former New Zealand Olympian Lorraine Moller was told she was going to do great things with her running career. Miller had just won the 400m event at the Waikato Athletics Championships. That was 1969. Five years later, Moller was competing in her first Commonwealth Games. During her long and successful career, Miller went on to win three Commonwealth Games medals as well as a bronze in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Moller currently resides in the United States, but was recently back in New Zealand to visit family. While there, she visited with up-and-comer Brad Mathas. Mathas is 17 years old and broke the 800m record at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletic Championships last year.

Mathas thinks he’s better suited to run the 1,500m event, but enjoys the 800m more.

“Do what you love, you can dabble in the others, but you’ll do much better by doing what you love,” advised Moller.

Mathas hopes to square off against Nick Willis next month.

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