Top-5 Race-Week Tips

Use these five simple strategies to make your race-week experience less nerve-racking.

Written by: Mario Fraioli

There’s less than a week to go until race day and the finger you’re currently using to control your computer mouse might as well be on a panic button right now.

The questions you thought were answered weeks ago are inevitably beginning to arise again at the worst possible time. Did I train hard enough? Should I have done one more long run? What will I drink on race day? Do my shoes have too many miles on them? And so forth. No matter how many miles you’ve run or how many times you’ve rehearsed the race in your head, uncertainties always seem to find a way to arise during race week.

It’s all part of the game, as they say. Nerves are normal, especially as race day gets closer and the doubts start slipping through the cracks. The key to surviving race week, and the race itself, however, is as simple as trusting your training. No one workout between now and race day is going to make you any more fit than you are today. If anything, overdoing it is more of a concern than underdoing it this week. Now is the time to rest your body, and your mind. The real work is done.

And while you think ahead to race day this week, think back on the weeks of preparation that got you to this point. Also, think about the progression you’ve made as a runner during this period. In the two, four, six or more months since you first decided to take your show to streets of your selected city, you’ve covered hundreds of miles, dialed in on your projected pace with laser-like precision, mastered your nutrition and have broken in your race day outfit so well that it feels like a second skin. There’s literally nothing left to do at this point except run the race.

Of course, you still need to get through the next six nerve-racking days, so use these five simple strategies to make sure you get to the starting line feeling relaxed, confident and ready to run your best on race day.

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