Burning Runner: Education Is Everything

T.J. is committed to learning everything about his new training approach.

Written by: T.J. Murphy

As I’m just embarking on a path from into the CrossFit Endurance approach to training for distance running, I’m all about learning everything I can of the approach. In two weeks I’ll be attending the following Q and A with the movements founders:

Brian MacKenzie, ultra-runner, founder of CrossFit Endurance and the focus of the story on CFE training for triathletes in the February issue of Triathlete Magazine will be speaking with business partner, Doug Katona, at the Endurance War Tour in Hermosa Beach, Calif., on February 25th.

The two will be answer questions on the subject of achieving top athletic performance in terms of power, speed and stamina development, and ancillary training subjects like nutrition and programming your training.

The seminar will start at 6:30pm at:

South Bay Fitness

725 5th Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

For more information go to www.crossfitendurance.com.


T.J. Murphy is the Editorial Director of Competitor Magazine. A 2:38 marathoner and five-time Ironman finisher, he is the former editorial director of Triathlete Magazine and Inside Triathlon. His writing has also appeared in Outside Magazine and Runner’s World.

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