The Ultimate All-Star: Exclusive Interview With Billy Mills

Let’s start with the fact that no one considered Billy Mills to be a medal contender in the 10,000 meters at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Then consider that when all was said and done he broke the world record, won the gold medal and shocked the world in the process. Mix in the fact that he’s a Native American, that he is still the only American to win a 10,000-meter Olympic gold medal and that he had a movie made of his life called Running Brave and you’ve got one helluva interview. It was totally appropriate that he came on with The Competitors, Bob Babbitt and Paul Huddle, right after the NBA All-Star Game ended on Sunday night: Billy Mills is indeed the ultimate All- Star! Click on the image below to listen to the full interview.

Click on the image to listen to the interview.

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