A Tabloid’s Guide To Marathon Training

Marathon preparation requires ten principles, according to one British magazine.

With the Virgin London Marathon just two months away, the British Tabloid The Sun has published the “top ten training tips for the marathon.” The article’s author, David Firth, is hoping to run under 3:15. At the top of the list is the concept of gradualism.

“You can’t just go from running five miles to 15 in one fell swoop,” he writes.

In the article, Firth quotes British running coach Keith Anderson who stresses the important of lactate threshold workouts, which are the “gold dust of training.” Running repeats at 80-85 per cent effort “improve your lactate threshold, your running efficiency and aerobic capacity,” says Anderson.

Near the bottom of the list is the importance of ¬†keeping a running diary in order to track progress for the big day. Anderson, who coaches for a program called “Full Potential”, advises first-time marathoners to write down how they are feeling during their runs. A running diary is also important so that ¬†you can “remember to take time out to look back at what you’re achieving and be proud!”

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