BAA Announces New Boston Qualifying Times

Faster runners will have a better chance of registering starting next year.

Some breaking news out of Boston: The Boston Athletic Association (BAA), the governing body of the Boston Marathon, announced new qualifying standards this morning.

The standards will take effect starting in 2012 when the BAA will institute rolling admissions for qualifiers–the faster runners will be allowed entry first.

In 2013, the BAA will lower qualifying times by five minutes across all age groups, affecting both genders.

The rolling admissions process that is being instituted in 2012 will also remain in place in 2013. The Boston registration process was amended due to the uproar caused by the 2011 edition of the race selling out in a record eight hours and three minutes.

Since the race sold out so quickly, many runners who had worked hard to qualify for the race were upset at not being afforded the opportunity to register. Accordingly, the BAA has been evaluating its entry process.

BAA Executive Director, Tom Grilk, and Boston Marathon Race Director, Guy Morse, are planning to discuss this new registration process at 11:30 this morning.

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