Florida Marathon Credits “Angel” For Good Weather

One inspirational woman made a special promise before she died.

The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer in Jacksonville, Florida has been held for the past four years. Every year, the race-day conditions have been beautiful. Some people would write this favorable pattern off as pure chance, but not race founder Donna Deegan.

She says an angel is involved.

Deegan is the founder of “The Donna Foundation”, a non-profit that assists breast cancer patients with expenses as they go through treatment. Several years ago, a woman named Susan Mehrlust was on the Donna Foundation’s board of directors.

Mehrlust was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and had been given six months to live.

She ended up surviving ten years longer than her physicians had predicted.

Unfortunately, Mehrlust passed away before the inaugural marathon, but before he died, she assured Deegan that she would do what she could to help out with the race. “I’ll talk to the big guy about the weather,” she said. “You leave that job up to me.”

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