Police Fee For Races Worries Organizers

The new fee could shut down smaller races in New York City.

According to an article in The New York Times, the New York City Police Department is seeking to charge the organizers of the ING New York City Marathon as well as other New York City races a separate fee for the cost of shutting down traffic for the events. The fee is to offset the rising costs of the increasingly burdensome job.

Naturally, these fees will drive up the cost of the races.

The CEO of the New York Road Runners, Mary Wittenberg, says these fees single out their events.

Last year, the Road Runners paid $850,000 to city agencies, which included $107,000 to the police.

Last December at a public hearing, Wittenberg commented about the fee: “This lack of any clear definition makes the rules especially ripe for abuse based upon the department’s views of a particular event, its sponsors or the message it conveys,” she said.

The proposal is aimed at “noncharitable athletic parades,” which doesn’t include billing the Mets, Yankees, or any other New York City professional teams.

For More: The New York Times

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