Take That Watson: World’s First Robot Marathon

It will take four days to complete.

The athletes have been training for the event. They’ve done their long runs and their striders. They’ve worked hard for this big race: the marathon. No, this isn’t a marathon full of humans; it’s the world’s first robot marathon.

Not surprisingly, the race is taking place in one of the most automated places in the world: Japan.

According to an article in The Telegraph, the robots conducted a training session in the western city of Osaka. The tallest robot is a mere 16 inches high. The race is set to occur on February 24. The course is a 100 meters long. Therefore, the robots will have to run it 422 times to complete the marathon.

Apparently, it will take the robots four days to complete the race.

Per the rules, the four robots are allowed to stop for battery changes and other repairs, but if they fall down, they have to get up on their own.

For More: The Telegraph

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