Webb Throws A Tantrum After Disappointing Race

Alan Webb was frustrated with his race in Boston. Photo: PhotoRun.net

The fastest American miler was not happy with his recent performance.

According to an article posted on Letsrun.com, American middle-distance specialist Alan Webb was thoroughly disappointed with his seventh-place showing in the mile last weekend in Boston. There, Webb ran a relatively pedestrian 4:00.70. After the race, Webb threw a five-minute-long tantrum. He walked off the track behind the media area in order to avoid talking with the press.

Reporters Emory Mort and Tom Davis wrote that Webb then “picked up his box of gear and slammed it on the ground a couple times as he stomped around the athlete changing area. He was muttering audibly to nobody in particular, venting some frustration as his agent Ray Flynn approached.”

Webb has been in a slump since 2007. In 2009, he suffered an Achilles injury and underwent surgery. He also switched coaches to Alberto Salazar and had hoped to use Boston to jumpstart his career.

“I should have never gotten on that plane,” he exclaimed to Flynn. “I should have just stayed home and done a f***ing workout.”

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