World’s Best To Compete In “World’s Best 10K”

Leonard Komon celebrates with his world record last year. Photo: IAAF

Puerto Rico becomes the stage for a potential world record.

There’s a big Kenyan showdown set to happen this weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At the “World’s Best 10K”, an IAAF gold-label race, world record holder Leonard Komon will be fending off challengers Sammy Kitwara and Moses Masai.

Just 23 years old, Komon is one of the fastest road racers ever. Last year, he became the first person to break the 27-minute barrier on the roads for the 10K distance. There’s a distinct possibility that he will break the course record this weekend. “I will try, but no promises,” he said.

But despite how things look on paper, winning the race won’t be easy for Komon. Rival Sammy Kitwara won the World’s Best 10K in 2009 and was the runner-up last year to the current course record holder, Moses Masai. Masai won last year in 27:19.

Race director Rafael Acosta has big expectations for the race. “We are all excited. Very few have the honour of having the world record holder in their event. We expect a fast race on Sunday,” he said.

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