The Great Innovator: Exclusive Interview With Alberto Salazar

Alberto Salazar is a true legend, first as an athlete and now as a coach. He has three athletes contesting this weekend’s New York City Half Marathon: Galen Rupp, Mo Farah and Kara Goucher. His stories from his three New York City Marathon wins, his Boston victory over Dick Beardsley and experiences with the great Henry Rono are fun to listen to, as are his anecdotes about the athletes he currently coaches. Other top athletes are also intrigued by Alberto’s insights, as Lance Armstrong reached out to him recently for a little run coaching. We caught up with Salazar earlier this week on the Competitors Radio show and covered a variety of topics ranging from his own competitive career, to his current coaching situation, to just what kind of running advice he gave the recently retired Armstrong. Click on the image below to listen to the full interview!

Click on the image to listen to the full interview.

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