Enduro Word Of The Week (WOW): Neapolitan

In this new weekly feature, Competitor Magazine senior editor Erin Beresini expands your endurance vocabulary.

neapolitan (neapoli-tan) n. : the color an endurance athlete’s legs turn after riding a bike and running in shorts of different lengths. Like the italian ice cream, the quads become a delicious mix of never-exposed lightness, peek-a-boo shaded and sun-loving dark. Most often observed when triathletes run in tiny shorts.

My goodness, check out that guy’s neapolitan!

Can also be used as a verb, as in: I’m switching up my tri shorts today because I’m neapolitanning.

Sometimes seen as sexy, the neapolitan identifies the multisport athlete when he/she hits the pool. Men must wear speedos to observe this benefit.

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