Enduro Word Of The Week: The DA Ride

Photo courtesy of bareknuckleyellow on Flickr.

DA ride (dee-a ryed) n. A bike ride so full of relentless climbs and descents that your arse literally begins to disappear, or disappears altogether. (The latter consequence usually occurs after riding back-to-back DA rides or several DA rides over consecutive weeks.) Sometimes mistaken for “no butt” syndrome, a DA may be avoided by properly replenishing the body’s nutritional stores during and after a DA ride so the body does not feed upon its own bum. Women tend to fear the DA symptom more than men.

OMG, Melissa, I’m going to have to buy Booty Pop jeans after this ride!

DA qualified rides, for example: The Heartbreak Double Century (202 miles with 15,500 feet elevation gain) or the Mulholland Challenge (116 miles with 13,375 feet of climbing).


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