A Review Of The First Barefoot Running App

  • By Duncan Larkin
  • Published Mar. 2, 2011
  • Updated Feb. 19, 2013 at 8:46 AM UTC

A snapshot of the new barefoot running app. Photo:

Merrell created the app to go with their new line of minimalist shoes.

Get ready minimalist fans: Barefoot running has finally made its way to the iPhone. Tim Hornyak from the technie Web site,, recently reviewed Merrell’s brand new barefoot running app called “Go Barefoot”. The free app’s name happens to match a line of minimalist shoes produced by Merrell called “Barefoot”.

A publicist from the company says the application “provides the proper training and education for a barefoot or barefoot-like running experience.”

It has four stages of expert training and allows the user to monitor time and distance using the GPS functionality of the phone. It also comes with an iTunes mix that plays at 180 beats per minute in order to synch with the user’s running cadence.

“Go Barefoot is structured around a 40-day regimen of workouts and fitness tests to prepare for the challenge of a ’1.5-mile barefoot run,’ which presumably means no shoes whatsoever,” writes Hornyak.

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Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin is the news editor at and a freelance journalist who’s been covering the sport of running for over five years. He’s run 2:32 in the marathon and won the Himalayan 100-Mile Stage Race in 2007. His first running book, RUN SIMPLE, was released last July.

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