Kenenisa Bekele Is Back On Track

Kenenisa Bekele is now gearing up for the London Olympics. Photo:

Kenenisa Bekele is now gearing up for the London Olympics. Photo:

The Ethiopian champion has been battling injury for over a year.

After a long hiatus due to several leg injuries, multiple world record holder Kenenisa Bekele is officially back in training. According a Twitter posting, Bekele wrote that “it has been almost a year since my leg injury, but I have now started training. I’m hoping to be ready for the London Olympics.”

Bekele is a three-time Olympic gold medalist and arguably one of the best distance runners of all time. He has won an amazing 11 World Cross-Country titles.

Bekele’s struggles began last February when he ruptured a calf muscle preparing to set a new world record in the indoor 5000m event. Bekele then suffered from a knee injury that delayed his comeback even further.

The question is: What events will Bekele compete in in London? He’s never raced a marathon, but will be heading to London as a 34-year-old seasoned runner, so chances are the Ethiopian will take on the 26.2-mile event. He will also most likely race the 10,000m, because there is an eight-day gap between the two events.

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