Ex-Cop Suing For Wrongful Arrest While Jogging

He maintains he did nothing wrong on his run.

According to his own testimony, Brett Cornell, 27 years old, was out for a four-mile jog in San Francisco’s scenic Golden Gate Park last July. He had just graduated from San Francisco’s Police Academy and had a nice career in law enforcement ahead of him.

However, his jog ended up ruining his career–wrongfully, he maintains. Cornell says during his run, he heard a voice call out “I will shoot you!” He turned to the voice and saw a “dark figure” pointing a gun at him.

Later, Cornell realized that man was fellow police officer David Brand. Cornell ran from Brand and then stumbled, rolling down a hill. Cornell repeatedly yelled out “I’m a cop,” but was arrested for resisting arrest. That incident got him fired from the police force.

Cornell is now suing the city in federal court.

“This goes to show that cowboy tactics used by some cops can ensnare the innocent – even another officer,” Cornell’s lawyer, Michael Haddad, said. “He’s heartbroken, because it was his dream since childhood to be a San Francisco police officer.”

For More: SF Gate

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