Former Stanford Runner Wins Napa Valley Marathon

It was just his third marathon.

At mile 11 of the Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon this past weekend, Chris Mocko found himself in a position most competitve runners dream of. Both of his main rivals in the race had already dropped out–one of which, Kevin Pool, had hopes of running under 2:20. It was essentially Mocko’s race to lose.

“I had never been in that position before,” said Mocko. “Going in, we knew about Kevin [Pool] and his hopes to go for the Olympic Trials. I knew I wasn’t capable of running that fast. Going out a little bit slower made sense to me. I was definitely hurting that last six miles or so. Somebody told me it was supposed to be downhill, but it sure did not feel like that.”

Mocko is a former cross country and track runner at Stanford University. He broke the tape in 2:27:02 and received his weight in wine as a reward. Another bonus for Mocko: The race was held on his 25th birthday.

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