Man Running Marathon In Bomb-Disposal Gear

He hopes to break the bomb-disposal-gear marathon world record.

The next time the monkey jumps on your back at the 20-mile mark of a marathon, think about Corporal Dan Skelly. The solider from Edinburgh, Scotland will be attempting to run a marathon in May while wearing a Mark 4 EOD suit.

In other words, he’s running 26.2 miles in bomb-disposal gear, which weighs 55 pounds and features Kevlar trousers, jacket, apron, chest plate, and helmet.

“It was when I was doing my bomb disposal trade training that one of the soldiers on the course said that I was the kind of guy who could do a marathon in a bomb suit,” he said. “It got me thinking – it sounded like a challenge and a great idea.”

“Marathon” Dan hopes to run a new world record for bomb-disposal-gear marathoning, which is to break the 12-hour barrier. He thinks he can run under six hours and has been training on a treadmill for the feat.

“I can’t wander around in a bomb suit outside because it might cause a bit of panic. I get a few odd looks in the gym,” he admitted.

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