Marathoner Regains Sight For Second Time

He will be taking on the London and Stockholm Marathons.

An inspirational story coming of England: According to an article on BBC’s Web site, a runner from Leicester, England, Jimi Dally, has lost and regained his sight twice. The first instance of blindness occurred in Dally’s left eye when he was 16 years old. The blindness was caused by a parasitic disease. In 1997, he underwent a successful operation for the condition and enjoyed thirteen years of what he calls “wonderful eyesight.”

However, tragedy struck again in 2010 when the 40-year-old Dally lost partial sight due to an accident at home. Luckily, a second eye operation was able to restore his sight.

Inspired by his good fortune, Dally is now planning to run the London and Stockholm Marathons to raise money for the charity Sense. Dally admits that he “had never let his sight problems hold him back and was always keen to take on a new challenge.” Dally will also take part in a bike ride between Leicester and Skegness, England.

He remains thankful to the surgeons who restored his vision and plans to follow their instructions when planning other activities. “I don’t want to undo the good work of the surgeons, so if they say no, then for the first time I’ll follow their advice,” he says.

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