One Boston Not Enough For One Runner

He is running 52.4 miles in one day in honor of his mother.

Just completing one Boston Marathon is a feat worthy of praise, but what about running two Boston Marathons on the same day?

This is what 47-year-old Bill Nawn of Bedford, New Hampshire is planning to do on April 18. As most runners are waking up and heading to the busses that will drive them to the start in Hopkinton, Nawn will be starting at the Boston Marathon’s finish line on Boylston Street and running the route backwards. Once he arrives in Hopkinton around 9 a.m., he will then turn around and run the marathon with the rest of the field.

Total distance covered in one day: 52.4 miles.

This won’t be the first time Nawn has pulled of this impressive feat. In fact, he’s done it seven times already. He is completing the “double Boston” in honor of his mother who passed away from leukemia in August. He has been raising money to benefit the Cancer Research Fund.

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