Pittsburgh Marathon Awarding Cash For ‘A’ Standard

Both the men and the women will be aided by pacers.

According to an official press release from race organizers, the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon is awarding cash to the top three American runners who make the Olympic ‘A’ standard (2:19 for men and 2:39:00 for women).

The award structure is as follows: $1500 plus prizes and  travel expenses for the first American runner to cross the line under the standard and $1250 for second and third place. All first-time runners who meet the standard will be awarded a minimum of $500.

The marathon will take place on May 15.

Jeffrey Eggleston will act as the men’s pacer, while Tyler McCandless will be assisting the women in meeting the standard.

“Part of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon mission is to promote the sport of long distance running,” said race director Patrice Matamoros. “In an Olympic-qualifying year, we feel that offering a combination of pacers and cash incentives to help athletes offset their training costs and achieve their dreams was the most effective way for us to demonstrate our commitment.”

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