Runner Receiving Donations For Passing People

He got the idea from former New York Giants wide receiver Armani Toomer.

Here’s an incentive for running fast: This Saturday at the Chambersburg Half Marathon in Pennsylvania, Troy Werdebaugh will be starting dead last. His goal is to pass as many people as possible. He’s not doing it out of spite; he’s doing it to raise money for charity. For every runner he overtakes, Werdebaugh will receive a donation to the Drew Michael Taylor Foundation, which offers educational and grief support programs to the local community.

“I got to know about the foundation and all the good it does for the community,” Werdebaugh said. “All the people out there who need help are able to get help through donations and the foundation is able to keep going.”

Werdebaugh got the back-of-the-pack idea from former New York Giants wide receiver Armani Toomer who raised money in a similar fashion at last year’s ING New York City Marathon. Werdebaugh is the track coach at Greencastle-Antrim Middle School and recently completed the JFK 50-mile race in Maryland. He says he’s already received a steady pool of donations.

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