Runner Saves Girl From Brutal Attack

It could have been a serious assault had he not intervened.

An anonymous runner from Corby, England has become a hero. According to The Evening Telegraph, the runner was out for a jog along Boating Lake and George Street in the English city when he stumbled across two men assaulting an 18-year-old girl in a wooded area of the park. The runner hero, described as a white man in his 30s, intervened, causing the two assailants to flee the scene.

Police Detective Sergeant Julie Gallagher praised the hero: “This could have been a lot worse if the jogger had not come along,” she said. “We want to speak to him because we hope he can give us a description of the suspect, and we also want to make sure that he is okay.”

The victim is reported to be “fine” and was not raped.

Sgt Gallagher tried to ease public fears, saying that this was the first such incident in the area. “[People] should be vigilant as they normally would when walking alone,” she said.

For More: Evening Telegraph

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