Transitioning From Jogging To Racing

Start out with short speed bursts and have a plan.

An article posted on the Vancouver Sun’s Web site explores the concept of hobby joggers who want to take their running to a new level. One such runner profiled is Nicole Andrews. She started out jogging for fun, but after six months, she decided to experiment with racing.

“At first, I wanted to test my endurance,” she recalls. “But it turned out to be kind of a hook.”

Andrews notes that her runs are no longer jaunts around her home, but actually serve some sort of purpose. But the article points out that runners who want to become raceers should be cautioned. Andrews is a member of Montreal’s local running club, Boreal. By joining the club, she is benefitting from structured group workouts as well as a training plan.

The article suggests that newly minted racers should begin incorporating speed gradually into their workouts, starting out with 30-second speed bursts that repeat four to eight times. “These short sprints introduce your legs to what speed feels like, as well as establishing a pace you can live with.”

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