Competitor Magazine’s Beat Your Best Boston Marathon Superguide Tip #1

Kara Goucher adhering to a strict pre-race schedule, fitting in an interview with before a scheduled nap at 12:00 noon.


By T.J. Murphy

If you’ve made it this far and are within a few days of racing the Boston Marathon, motivation likely hasn’t been a problem. All your training is in the bank, all the long runs, all the tempo, all the daily, weekly and monthly discipline that the marathon like takes.

So now you’re in a difficult place—tapering is a shock to the system. The cuts in mileage and overall training were probably dramatic. Many programs chop mileage by more than half of your peak mileage. So respect that your body is in shock and the last thing you need to do is to fritter away physical and psychological energy thinking about the starting gun waiting for you on Monday.

So what’s a runner to do? Tip number 1 is this: Map out a plan on paper of all the tasks that must be taken care of between now and race morning—include everything you need to do to check in for the race plus the necessities like getting water and groceries so you have all the food you need on hand for meals, or for backups if a plan to go out to eat gets messed up (standing in a line at a packed restaurant will drive you bonkers and is a violation of the need to stay off your feet as much as possible).

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