Britain’s Yamauchi Now Training At Home

Mara Yamauchi is returning to England in advance of the 2012 Olympics. Photo:

She is recovering from a hamstring injury and wants to be near her family.

British marathoner Mara Yamauchi has come home. The 37-year-old Olympian is married to a Japanese citizen and has been living on the island nation since 2006, but has returned to her native country.

“I came back in mid-February and my husband came in early March,” she said. “I’m recovering from an injury, and in the run-up to the Olympics I decided it would be safer to be near the support provided by UK Athletics.”

Yamauchi was referring to a hamstring tendon on her right leg that she tweaked. She has returned to training only recently and was kept out of this year’s Virgin London Marathon. She finished second there in 2009.

But she divulges that her return to England is also due to the 2012 Olympics occurring in her home country.

“It’s other things as well,” she admitted. “Like being near my family and with the Olympics being in London, being based in London will be easier for us to see the marathon course.”

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