Canadian Elite Marathoners Share Their Pre-Race Tips

One says run the course in advance if possible.

The Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail recently interviewed five elites on how they best prepare for race day.

The first runner profiled was Megan Brown who won the Canadian Half-Marathon championships this year. She typically competes in 20 races a year.

“The day before the race is always the longest day ever,” she admits. “I always sleep in the day before and then go for a 20-minute run just to shake the cobwebs out of my legs. Then I’ll put my bag together and organize all my race things.”

She says the biggest mistake she ever made was in 2009 when she ate too close to the race. This mistake combined with nerves resulted in what she described as “gastrointestinal distress” during the race.

The next runner interviewed was 25-year-old Matt Loiselle who is training to make the Canadian Olympic marathon team.

He suggests running the course the day before in the event you are unfamiliar with it. “The night before, I’ll eat a pasta dinner and try to get to bed early,” he says. “Then, I’ll try to get up three hours before the race so that I can eat and digest breakfast, which is usually a bagel with peanut butter and a cup of coffee.”

For More: The Globe and Mail

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