Desiree Davila Getting Celebrity Treatment

Desiree Davila threw out the first pitch at a Tigers baseball game on Tuesday. Photo: Detroit Free Press

She’s now tossing out first pitches at baseball games.

How many marathoners get invited to throw out the first pitch at a Major League baseball game?

Isn’t that honor reserved for presidents and rock stars?

Not any more.

At Detroit’s Comercia Park on Tuesday, the women’s second-place Boston Marathon finisher, Desiree Davila, got to throw out the first pitch.

“I’m definitely more nervous for this than I was for the race,” she told her boyfriend, Ryan Linden.

The pitch, tossed to Detroit Tigers catcher Omir Santos, was a down-the-middle one-hopper . The Tigers were hosting the Seattle Mariners. Davila, who finished just two seconds behind Carloline Kilel in Boston, currently runs for Hansons-Brooks. She lives and trains in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Davila was surprised to see that Brooks took out a full-page ad in the Detroit papers congratulating her.

“What Desi did was remarkable,” said coach Keith Hanson. “Everybody’s still talking about it.”

Davila’s finishing time in Boston was 2:22:38. It put her at number three on the all-time U.S. list behind Deena Kastor and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

For More: The Detroit Free Press

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