Gebrselassie Commends Mutai On Fast Boston Time

  • By Duncan Larkin
  • Published Apr. 21, 2011
Haile Gebrselassie commended Geoffrey Mutai on his fast time at Boston. Photo:

Haile Gebrselassie commended Geoffrey Mutai on his fast time at Boston. Photo:

The great Ethiopian marathoner admits Boston is no cakewalk.

The current marathon world-record holder, Haile Gebrselassie, is finally commenting about Geoffrey Mutai’s world-leading time at Monday’s Boston Marathon. Speaking through his manager, Jos Hermens, Gebrselassie said that he “respects very much the two fast times of Mutai and Mosop. It gives him great motivation to try and run faster.” (Moses Mosop finished second in Boston in 2:03:06.)

Gebrselassie’s current world record is 2:03:59 and is expected to remain the record due to the fact that Boston’s net elevation drop exceeds IAAF regulations.

About Gebrselassie’s take on the IAAF’s standards, Hermens had this to say: “He did not make the rules, but understands why they were made. It’s not an easy course, so he respects very much the Monday performances!”

The race on Monday experienced 21mph tailwinds that aided runners to their fast times.

Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) officials have said that they will petition the IAAF to allow Mutai’s time to replace Gebrselassie’s as the world record.

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Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin

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