Ryan Hall On His Winter Training: “I didn’t like running.”

Despite a shaky start to his training cycle, Ryan Hall rebounded to run one of the fastest marathons in history.

Despite a shaky start, Hall makes a thrilling return to world-class fitness and runs one of the fastest marathons ever.

Written by: T.J. Murphy

In October, after health problems forced Ryan Hall to withdraw from competing in the Chicago Marathon, the American decided to make some substantial changes. One that drew considerable speculation was his decision to leave Terrence Mahon, the top American running coach based in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., and to take over the task of his own programming. And if you went back in time to this winter and asked Ryan Hall about how it was, you likely wouldn’t have received an answer that would have given light to the idea he would run a sub 2:05 marathon.

“I knew I had to get on top of my health,” Hall said at today’s press conference following the race, saying that this was his first task in revitalizing his running career. In his dealing with ailments, Hall’s comeback into world-class running fitness was not a smooth one. “In the winter, I didn’t even like running,” he said, commenting on the difficulties of this return.

He elaborated saying the changes made to his coaching situation enabled today’s race. “I have a team of specialists I’m working with,” he said, adding that the new situation freed him to try different things that showed in his performance. And now, Ryan remarked, “I’m really enjoying it.”

On the blistering pace, Ryan said he was simply flowing with how he felt. “I never planned to go sub 62 minutes for the half-marathon. I felt smooth and comfortable and was really enjoying the crowd.”

Hall also said that deep into the marathon he knew he was a part of something special. “I was running 2:04 pace and I couldn’t even see the leaders,” he said with as smile. “I was just enjoying it all and loving the Boston crowds. I think I should move here.”

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