How Much Do Tickets to the Olympics Cost?

Courtesy of Rajiv Patel (Rajiv's View) on Flickr.

In two words: A lot. And if you want to cheer for your favorite runners from the stands, it’ll cost you even more—Athletics has the highest ticket prices of any 2012 sport.

UK newspaper, The Guardian, made an interactive feature that shows how much tickets are for each round (prelims, finals, super final) and each ticket category (cheap seats, mid-price, best seats).

Want to see your favorite runner’s sweat drip from his forehead in the super final? That’ll cost you $1185. Want to watch through binoculars? Pony up $81.72. (Why the extra 72 cents? I converted from British pounds.)

Marathon lovers are in luck: The best seats cost $81.72. All the rest cost $32.69.

Now if swimming is more your thing, you can catch a glimpse of Michael Phelps’ medal round for $81.72 to $735. And if you want to check out some final cycling races at the brand-spankin’-new, architecturally-lauded velodrome, that’ll set you back $81.72 to $572.

Start saving—you have 471 days, 5 hours, 24 minutes until the games begin!


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